Modern sustainable peat production opened in Latvia

The HAWITA Group secures deposits for more than 50 years

Cesvaine.On Tuesday, 2nd October the northern German substrate manufacturer, HAWITA, officially commissioned one of the most modern substrate works in the whole of Europe. Production will be in Cesvaine/Latvia, one of the richest peat regions in Europe.

"This is a major step towards securing peat deposits for the coming decades and also for the strategic further development of our company," said Hans Tabeling, Managing Partner of the HAWITA Group, at the ceremonial opening in Cesvaine. Amongst others, the German Ambassador, Andrea Wiktorin, and Andra Minkevica from the National Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) offered their congratulations on the investment of 12.5 million euros. On the occasion of a reception on Monday, the diplomat had already praised, "Your great project is exemplary for the positive development in this country".

Production has already been in progress on four fully automated production lines in Cesvaine since May 2012. Extraction is carried out directly on site so that transport distances are kept to a minimum. Additional works are located about 120 kilometres   away in Akniste. In both locations HAWITA has about 3,000 hectares of moor excavation areas. Currently, the average sales volume of peat and substrate products is about 600,000 cubic metres annually and this is to be increased to about one million.

The Managing Partner, Tabeling, also assures the responsible and environmentally friendly handling of peat as a natural resource in the new HAWITA works. The deposits in the Baltic are expected to be sufficient for more than 50 years. Excavation will only be carried out in areas which are not subject to nature conservation and nature restoration measures beyond the legally required minimum will also be carried out.

To emphasise its social responsibility, business management handed over a cheque amounting to 5,000 lats (about 7,200 euros) to Cesvaine town administration for the repair of the historic castle in the town centre.


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