Special soil simplifies seed propagation for gardeners

HAWITA group expands range with four new pro-soils

The HAWITA group has expanded its range for the 2014 season with a selection of new special soils. “These allow gardeners to deal effectively with the difficult requirements of plants such as gentians, dipladenia and pot plants,” says Hans-Jürgen Luck, the HAWITA group’s lawyer who will speak on Wednesday (29th January) at the International Plant Trade Fair (IPM) in Essen.

The company has its headquarters in Vechta in Lower Saxony and for the first time is offering its own soil for Japanese gentian, dipladenia and vincaas part of its range. These plant groups need soil with a low pH-value and specially adapted fertiliser. The new soil accounts for these requirements by providing a low salt content, good water absorption and aeration capacity through the addition of coconut fibres. In addition, it provides plants with the perfect balance of trace elements.

Also new to the HAWITA range is a geranium soil, which has a very high black peat content. This black peat promotes root penetration and improves the soil’s ability to retain water. The soil has an ideal pH-value and, due to its balanced mix of bulkier white peat and fine black peat, is particularly suited to the dry, hot climates of Southern Europe. The volcanic clay which is also included maintains the salt and nutrient content.

A perfect mixture of nutrients is also offered by the new soil HAWITA Pro LZD. It is primarily suited to heavy feeders among bedding and balcony plants as well as chrysanthemums, pot plants and hibiscus, and also vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. This is due primarily to the base fertiliser and the addition of two kilograms per cubic metre of the slow-release fertiliser Osmocote. The nutrient and salt content in this soil is also boosted by volcanic clay and this provides sufficient water flow. The selection of carefully filtered peat guarantees high aeration capacity and a stable structure.

An alternative for quick growing and propagation is the HAWITA Gardeners Soil. The balanced mix of white and black peats enables quick root penetration and encourages optimum plant growth. Clay granules protect the soil from nutrient fluctuations. HAWITA Gardeners Soil is particularly suitable for crops that are grown only for a short time in spring and are quickly sold and is a good value alternative to other soils.

All new special soils are available in 70 litre sacks and in megaboxes.



(Photos: Enzian scabra und Dipladenia, by Kientzler)

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