All the colours of Spring

technoplant backs new colour trends

Blue-lilac, pink and yellow-green will be the colour trends of the 2014 season, Jörg Naffin from technoplant is sure of that. Already, the demand for fresh colours is enormous. And planting need not always be tonal; even opposites are allowed. So the programme of the HAWITA subsidiary, which has itsheadquarters in Emstek, Lower Saxony, at the International Plant Trade Fair (IPM) in Essen will be appropriately colourful.

A yellow tufted pansy in a lilac pot - “why not?” says Naffin. After all, opposites attract! Flowerpots are ever more colourful so why not make brave colour combinations? If you like it, it’s allowed.

Young customers in particular like to experiment. For many people there is no such thing as too colourful. So why not create even unusual colour combinations? For example, red with pink - previously a complete taboo, but now fully acceptable. A dark red tufted pansy with pink myrtle looks even better in a pink plant pot.

Lush green herbs are shown to particular advantage in pink window boxes. Naffin spots this combination on almost every balcony. Individualism is also a trend on terraces and in the garden. “People want to lift themselves up out of grey uniformity and create highlights.”

Colourful planters are likewise ideal for those who prefer gentler tones. For example, how about lavender in a blue-lilac plant pot? Yellow-green combines well with Carex grass, which in turn blends harmoniously with almost everything that blooms.

The Comet hanging basket, the Orion plant pot and the Rimini herb box are available in the three fresh spring colours of yellow-green, pink and blue-violet. The plant pots and the herb boxes in particular can also be ordered from technoplant in a mixed box of three colours and additionally in terracotta and anthracite.

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