Clever Ideas for City Gardeners

HAWITA-subsidiary Technoplant presents products relating to Urban Gardening at spoga+gafa.

The garden is returning to the city. On terraces and balconies amongst cement and asphalt, it’s blooming and blossoming like never before. Lifestyle experts call this phenomenon Urban Gardening. The HAWITA-subsidiary Technoplant has the right gadgets on offer for ambitious city gardeners. At the spoga+gafa fair from 31st August to the 2nd September in Cologne, the company will present clever solutions for Urban Gardening – in hall 10.1, stand H050.

Urban Gardening should be both fun and simple. Who wants to water their plants in the stress and hectic schedule of daily life? Technoplant makes it easy for hobby gardeners. The company will therefore present several plant pots with “storage cellars” at spoga+gafa” 2014. This is a water reservoir in the lower part of the pot, container or box, which is separated by a sieve plate from the potting soil (substrate). The plant obtains water according to its needs from the reservoir via the plants roots. An overflow prevents waterlogging.

For those who prefer pots from terracotta, clay or ceramic instead of plastic, Technoplant also has a water reservoir within this product range. Aqua Cotta is a water reservoir insert which is inserted before planting. Water flows into the tank via a nozzle and a sieve plate separates the substrate from the water, like in the plastic pots. Aqua Cotta is available in two sizes. The insert has a flexible edge, so that it can fit into all pots and containers with a diameter of 25 to 35 centimetres, and 40 to 55 centimetres.

For hobby gardeners who like to grow tomatoes and other tasty fruit or vegetables on a balcony or terrace, Technoplant has two new growing aids in their range of products. The tomato staff is made from 18x1mm strong, powder coated aluminium tube in a modular design, so that it can grow over time with the plant. It is fastened on a round plate, which is at the base of the container. The base is covered by soil so that the staff is secure. Depending on the height of the plant, the hobby gardener can insert several staffs, similar to tent poles. A robust spring system connects the tomato staff elements. In this way the tomatoes can survive every storm unscathed.

Technoplant has especially invented climbing aids for Aqua Top 45x45, angular plant containers that can be placed on one another like modules, reaching a height of up to 1.80 Metres. Once folded together they are 33 by 33 centimetres large and can simply be stored in winter in the garage or in the attic. Regardless whether its cucumbers, small paprika or even hot peppers – this growing aid is exactly right for the small “discovery garden”.

For those who have already have plants on their balcony, they can discover yet another spot by the downpipe. For this purpose Technoplant has invented the Trento container, which has a lateral recess the size of a downpipe opening and can be easily attached. Trento also has a water reservoir with an overflow, so that the plant is not affected by too little, or too much rain.


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