New: Flowerpots by HAWITA

For numerous years, HAWITA has already been producing professional substrates and plastic products. Why not bring the two even closer together? The group of companies now reacts to this wish that has been expressed by numerous customers and now also produces flowerpots. In so doing, the company follows the same principle as with the substrates: the greater the degree of individuality, the better.

Yellow, green, orange, red and yellow: flowerpots are also becoming increasingly more colourful. To succeed in this competitive plant market, numerous producers are relying onindividuality. However, since the plants all look more or less similar, the packaging has to provide the unique touch. Thus the HAWITA subsidiary Technoplant took the decision to bring out flowerpots in a range of ten different colours (see Dates & Facts).

Numerous horticultural plants also rely on labels or printed pots, which have the purpose of distinguishing themselves from others. In this regard, there are a number of different options. Be it the brand logo or advertising for a special campaign, or a photo of the plant in bloom: “Those wishing to sell, must attract attention,” says Jörg Naffinof Technoplant.

Ideal for Potting Machines

With all individuality, the Technoplant pots have been developed for professional horticulture.This means that they are precisely manufactured, stable and, at the same time, designed for optimal plant growth. The perforated base consists of four different levels. It is ideal for the ebb and flow irrigation system that is typical in large greenhouses. Thus, depending on the type of plant, the irrigation and drainage can be optimally controlled.

What is more, the Technoplant product developers have paid attention to ensure that all commonly usedpotting machinesare able to function with the new flowerpots. Nothing is more annoying than having to pay attention at all times to ensure that the pot supplies do not get stuck. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, piling distances on the ground are taken into account. The upper rim of the pots has a stable alignment, thus allowing reliable handling, among others with the presentation and shifting of pot plants in soil culture.

Less Plastic

Sometimes less is more. Thus the Technoplant pot requires less material that conventional flowerpots.This saves resources. Which also has another important effect, says JörgNaffin: “By means of this, we can offer the pots at an inexpensive price.”


Support for Safe Growth

To ensure that high-growing plants are well-protected in the greenhouse and, simultaneously, require less space, Technoplant offers supporting baskets. These can quickly and easily be pinned up onto the flowerpots.Available in the standard green colourfor all four pot sizes (additional coloursupon request).



  • Diameter 10.5, 10.5 Vol. 11 as well as 12 and 13 centimetres.
  • Colours: terracotta, black, yellow-green, pink, blue-lilac, sun yellow, traffic-light red, fir green, royal blue and white (additional coloursupon request)
  • Pallet and carton goods
  • Significantly less material input
  • Four-colour printing and labelling possible


(Photos by Timo Lutz, Jörg Naffin)

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