HAWITA Expands its Soil Programme for Specialist Traders

The substrate manufacturer offers individual mixtures for hobby gardening / private labelling is increasing

 The right soil for every plant and the unmistakeable product for every customer: what frequently only applied in professional horticulture in the past,is now increasingly being found in the field of hobby gardening. Long gone are the times in which ambitious hobby gardeners are satisfied with universal products. "This also presents the field of trade with new challenges," says Simon Tabeling, managing partner of HAWITA. Hence, the company, which has its headquarters in Vechta in Lower Saxony, has now expanded its soil programme for hobby gardeners. As of very recently, this includes an organic tomato and vegetable soil, distributed under the "Fruhstorfer" soil label, which is presented at the International Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen (Hall 3, Booth3B41).

Individual solutions that have been tailored to the specific customer needs are in high demand. The city balcony with its geraniums and self-grown tomatoes; the little townhouse garden with undemanding perennials, or the attractive bed of roses – all of these have different requirements and should be nurtured with different soil mixtures, is the advice of Tabeling. However, the customers are not to be overtaxed with the great selection at hand. Here, e.g., particularly the hobby gardeners with little expertise would like to have a sensible guidance system that will quickly and easily assist them in finding the right soil for their purposes.

Distinctive Private Labels

Increasingly, trade is also focussing its attention on individuality. The trend toward private labels is no longer something that is reserved for major chains, as it has in the meantime also reached the small and medium-sized gardening centres. "Private labelling requests and projects are increasing every year," says Simon Tabeling. The objective of trade is to offer a high-quality and distinctive product that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

"We have always mixed individualised substrates for our professional customers, right from the outset," the HAWITA boss emphasises. In the meantime, more and specialist dealers are also demanding this. The own raw material resources also allow the company to react quickly to extensive orders. For this, HAWITA has about 4,500 hectares of peat extraction surfaces in Lower Saxony and the Baltic states, as well as clay deposits in Hesse.

Here, increasingly, the consumers are interested in seeing evidence of responsible dealings with peat. In this regard, HAWITA is one of the supporters of the RRP initiative (Responsibly Produced Peat) – a seal of approval that is expected to be awarded for the first time this year. The seal itself ensures that the raw materials originate from sustainable extraction sources with subsequent renaturation.

Organic and Peat-Reduced is in

Keeping with Current Trends Another sign of the growing awareness of hobby gardeners is seen in the fact that organic soils are becoming increasingly more popular. Already for numerous years, HAWITA has offered plenty of peat-reduced and peat-free soils in its product range. The raw material of peat is then substituted by bark humus, wood fibres or green-waste compost.

The quality of the soils is controlled and ensured by the own in-house laboratory. "Major horticultural companies cannot afford to use soils of varying quality. Therefore, we are extremely discerning so as to ensure constant high-grade soils and substrates," Simon Tabeling emphasises. This also benefits hobby gardeners.

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