Gärtnerboxx transport box creates customer loyalty

HAWITA technoplant develops practical transport box for garden centre visitor

Customers can now transport their plants safely home from the garden centre without making a mess of their car boots. This is thanks to the Gärtnerboxx, developed by HAWITA technoplant, which is available in many stores from the spring.

The box is reusable and may also be sold as part of the returnable/recycling system. “This also gives customers a reason to return to the garden centre,” says Jens Berkensträter from HAWITA technoplant stating a clear benefit for retail. Those who don’t return the box can keep it in their car boot for shopping trips or for putting dirty shoes in. In the garden or on the balcony, meanwhile, gardening enthusiasts can use the box for the tidy re-potting of plants without creating a mess. In the cellar or garage, the handy box can be used for storing garden tools.

HAWITA technoplant produces the Gärtnerboxx out of recycled plastic. It is approximately 9 centimetres high, 32 centimetres wide and 54 centimetre long. Four Gärtnerboxxes fit on one shelf of a garden centre plant trolley enabling gardeners to use the boxes also for internal transport.

The standard colour of the Gärtnerboxx is dark green although other colours are also available emphasises Berkensträter. Company logos can, of course, also be printed on the sturdy box.

In sales, the Gärtnerboxx is best positioned at the entrance or by the plants, advises Jens Berkensträter. Customers can use them like a shopping basket and then load them into the car.

Creative garden centre operators also use the Gärtnerboxx for cross selling. In this way pre-packed boxes can be sold with planted pots and accessories – packaged as a present, for example.

HAWITA technoplant on the IPM: Hall 3, 41.






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