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Fleece pots as a propagation system

Under the name “Easypot”, we distribute ready-to-use fleece pots as a propagation system for ornamental plants, shrubs and perennials. From our site in Künzelsau, we deliver more than 200 million Easypots annually to gardeners across the whole of Europe. 

Easypot has proven itself to be a success for almost 20 years now. Around 400 million fleece pots are produced at our factory every year. One tray can hold between 44 and 200 plants. The fleece pots can be manufactured to a diameter of between 2 and 7 centimetres.

Fleece pots save lots of time
Easypot is characterised by fast root penetration and easy processing, even with pots produced mechanically. The cultivation time is reduced by using a substrate blend developed in-house. The gardener also saves a great deal of time which would be otherwise spent caring for the plants.

HAWITA relies on recycling

Unique to Easypot is the reusable system. HAWITA returns the trays after use, washes them and feeds them back into circulation. A tray can complete up to four cycles in one year.

Almost any ornamental plants, vegetables, fruit, perennials and shrubs are suitable for use with Easypot.

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